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EXO- Overdose Korean ver. (Full Music Video)

to you who make me smile when I’m sad

to you who make me happy when I’m feeling down

to you who make me cry over your perfection

and to you who make me face palming myself with your dumbness

you lights up my world with your eyes smile so please keep smiling because your smile is able to bring peace to the world

when I thought I couldn’t love you more

please take care of yourself and don’t give your hyungs a hard time

let’s walk together till the end


sese is so overwhelmed that he already tearing up in the show… 

we’re proud of you baby thethe… 

more birthdays to come!!! 

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Happy birthday, aegi! KEEP ON BEING FAB ILY !

baby blue for baby boy~ happy [belated] 21st birthday, oh sehun! 
i wish you all the yehets and ohorats in the world!! <3


#HappySehunDay / #SehunYehetDay / #PrinceSehunDay


#HappySehunDay / #SehunYehetDay / #PrinceSehunDay


happy birthday to one of my idol in EXO.


thank you for being a great inspiration in our entire life through your acts, dance and music.

wish all the best to you, your group, and your love ones.

hope more years to come to inspire and making us happy.

please stay what you are and please don’t stop loving us.

because we will never stop loving you.

we love you

Happy Birthday Oh Sehun!!!! I apologize for the lame edits. I wish I could make real edits but for now this will have to do. Wow I have so much to say I just don’t know where to begin. On this day 20 years ago, Oh Sehun was brought into the world. I am so thankful for his existence and even though he upsets me with his perfectly God-sculpted face and body, he is a beautiful, talented, amazing boy (or should I say man??) who has brought me, as well as others, so much joy. I just hope that someday he realizes the number of lives he’s changed and that he never stops smiling his bright, perfect smile and that he never stops being his adorable, dumb, 4D self. Here’s to hoping that your 20th birthday is amazing because you deserve the absolute best. You are the star that shines light onto us all. 

Happy Birthday Oh Sehun!! Never stop shining! 


Happy birthday Maknae!
Happy 21 birthday to EXO’s maknae Sehun 💕 saranghae oppa

Happy Birthday Sehun - spam #4


Happy birthday to this sexy asshat maknae named Sehun!

(omg im not really good at writing sappy stuff but here i go)

I would like to thank the academy for Sehun’s parents for bringing him to the world, SM entertainment for helping him share his talents, Exo, for always being there for him 24/7 basically, and lastly, Sehun for his supa dancing and singing and sass skillz (((and for the hunhan otp that shit me good too))).

okay i don’t really know what to say anymore because i’m just a new fan, and i only reached exo until the growl era, but i’m really glad that that guy who refuses to aegyo but does it anyway danced his way into my psychedelic life.


Oh Sehun 2k14 birthday countdown

140412 - 12/12

happy birthday to the world’s most precious boy! oh sehun we are so proud of you, how far you’ve come and how mature you’ve grown. it seems like it was just yesterday that you were just a baby. I wish you and the rest of exo much success for the years to come and many more birthdays to spend with your fans as a member of exo. happy birthday to the world’s flower boy